Our magility team is very pleased to welcome our new colleague Juergen Schenk. He enriches our team as a top expert in the areas of electric vehicle and drive development and the evaluation and design of complex systems. We are enthusiastic! 

Juergen SchenkAreas of expertise of Juergen Schenk

Juergen Schenk has over 40 years of experience in leading management positions in the automotive industry as well as with suppliers and partners. His range of experience lies in the field of electronic system development and its industrialisation. He has profound knowledge in project management, quality management, process analysis and strategy and business development. VUCA leadership and dynamic future forecasts for technology developments complete his portfolio. At Daimler, he was responsible for the emerging e-vehicles as Chief Engineer. With the EQC, he said goodbye to Daimler as Director eDrive Integration and is now working at magility as Senior Executive Advisor. Juergen Schenk comes to magility with a wide-ranging network from the automotive industry (OEM and suppliers), to universities (technology projects) and to investors from technology and change projects.

E-Mobility, Smart Grids, the Internet of Things and the Convergence of Industries

In the future, everything will be connected to everything else through the Internet of Things and the associated connectivity. The convergence of industries continues to progress, as can be seen very clearly in the developments in the automotive industry. In the future, vehicles will no longer be developed by just one industry or manufacturer. In addition and to an increasing extent, software companies, telecommunication companies and startups with their high-tech developments and participants in other markets will play a leading role in shaping the increasingly important development of e-vehicles. Moreover, in the future, vehicles will no longer have the sole function of getting us from A to B, i.e. providing for our mobility. No, in the future they will also become an increasingly important part of our energy supply. 

So-called “smart grids” enable the communicative connection of the participants in the energy system, from generation, transport, storage and distribution to consumption, to the energy supply network. Behind this is the fact that every device connected to the power grid can be included in the system. This can result in an integrated energy and data network that offers completely new possibilities in terms of function and structure. “Smart meters“, modern intelligent measuring systems can replace conventional electricity meters and, in addition to consumption and the amount of electricity fed into the grid, also log voltage failures and provide grid operators with other important information. As a result, the grids can be better relieved and utilised to capacity, and supply security can be maintained despite the switch to renewable energies. Cars will therefore become an important part of our energy supply. Due to these developments, energy suppliers will also have to realign themselves in the future. Both the new mobility solutions and the new solutions of the energy suppliers form a focal point in the topic of sustainability. 

magility and Senior Executive Advisor Juergen Schenk

Juergen Schenk was and is at home in the world of the automotive industry and electrification, and at magility he will focus on electric vehicle and drive development for various mobility applications as well as dynamic forecasts and assessments of current and future energy systems. He will not only support the players in the mobility market, but also the energy suppliers with his expertise in an advisory capacity for the realignment of the energy supply. 

His range of topics also includes:

  • Redesign of vehicle platforms
  • Energy supply with regard to mobility (focus on e-drives, bi-directional charging) 
  • Fuel cells
  • Peculiarities of the e-drive 
  • Charging stations
  • Powertrain electrification 
  • Redesign of vehicle platforms
  • Technical evaluation of startups and their high-tech ideas in the field of sustainable energy and propulsion

“Explore – Accompany – Reflect: The transformation of energy systems is in full swing. Only those who correctly estimate the speed of transformation and the necessary changes will also be in the top league at the end of the transformation. We have the right competencies, tools and methods for this. Together with our clients, we explore the current situation. We accompany them during the transformation, reflect on the progress and barriers and develop suitable solutions on the way to the future”

– Juergen Schenk, Senior Executive Advisor

We at magility are very much looking forward to the exciting work we will be doing together with Juergen Schenk, whose focus will be on the most urgent issues of the future that are currently occupying our partners and customers. 

If you have any questions for Juergen Schenk or about his topics, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.