magility - one DNA, two companies

Magility GmbH and Magility Cyber Security GmbH (MCS), a strong consulting team with solutions for the most current issues of our time.

Corporate values

magility Corporate Culture and Values

The digital transformation in our core industries is progressing rapidly and constantly bringing forth new areas and challenges. Being at the forefront of technological developments and innovations is part of our DNA. As an employee of Magility GmbH and MCS, you will stay up-to-date and bring the willingness to continuously learn and explore increasingly complex subjects in order to actively shape the rapid digital transformation.

In doing so, we act in accordance with our corporate identity and values
approaching it from the following perspectives:

Creating Something Great


We exchange ideas, learn from each other across generations, communicate and act respectfully, and appreciate everyone for their personal contribution to success.


We believe in the power and impact of collaboration and knowledge transfer with tech experts, startups, and government-affiliated institutions. Networking is our mindset in the digital era.


We work interdisciplinary and internationally. This allows us to be fast, always up-to-date, and identify megatrends for our clients at an early stage. We accompany our clients as equals and make their goals our own during our collaboration!

Sustainable and Responsible Actions


We act sustainably and responsibly, taking care of our environment, ourselves, and others.


We evaluate innovations and technologies for our clients that have the potential to achieve defined sustainability goals faster and more efficiently, driving forward sustainability-focused topics.


We drive sustainability topics forward with foresight and continuity, supporting our clients in establishing their ESG management in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.

Agility and Flexibility


We keep moving, never stop learning, and enjoy diving into new complex topics. We adapt our personal mindsets to the challenges of today’s work life.


We always stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments and drive digital transformation and innovation.


We advise and support our clients at the forefront of time, technologically, procedurally, and humanly.

Trust and Professionalism


We trust our employees to bring out the best in themselves, for us and our customers.


We work at the forefront of time and have high performance standards for our customers. We evaluate technologies and technology providers they can trust.


Through our professional employees and the expert network we have built over decades, we can assure our clients that they always have the right consultant by their side for their business processes and technologies.


Who we are: Magility GmbH

In line with our magility motto, “Let’s do great things together,” you will drive digital business models forward in collaboration with our clients. You will develop intelligent strategies, evaluate innovative technologies, and provide operational support for their implementation. Sustainability is always at the forefront for us, and we aspire to act environmentally and economically sustainably in our client projects.

At Magility GmbH, you can expect exciting consulting projects, innovative digital business models, creative work with the latest technologies and a grown network of renowned companies and start-ups from all over the world.

  • Magility GmbH is a “success factory” for designing digital business models and business ecosystems.
  • At our Magility Institute of Technology, we analyze high-tech trends and develop success concepts for our clients.
  • We support our clients in achieving their ESG sustainability goals.
  • We assist innovative startups in market entry and serve as co-innovation partners, co-founders, and early-stage investors with our international expert network.

As part of the magility team, you will provide comprehensive support to our clients in the areas of digitization, organizational and cultural development, as well as the development and implementation of digital business models. At magility, we particularly focus on the topics of “Software Defined Products,” “ESG Management & Sustainability,” “Business Ecosystem Design,” “B2B Market Development,” “Cyber Security,” and “Digital Health.” With these focus areas, we stay at the forefront of the industry.

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magility is a comprehensive service ecosystem that promotes sustainable transformation. All magility services follow a holistic sustainability approach. Our consultants and subject matter experts have extensive experience in our five core industries (industry expertise) as depicted. Our expertise primarily lies in the fields of ESG management, IoT, smart grids, AI, electrification, electronic systems, hydrogen, additive manufacturing, automation & robotics, and cybersecurity. The combination of these competencies forms our consulting portfolio across our three business domains.

Get to know us

Our leadership team

Our magility team consists of industry-experienced experts and professionals with expertise in our core topics. A trustworthy collaboration on an equal footing, open exchange and communication, mutual support, delivering high-quality results, and the right amount of humor and enjoyment in facing challenges – these are important aspects for us in our team’s work.

NameDr. Michael W. Müller

PositionFounder and CEO

With the company since2008

What I like about working at MagilityCurrent High-Tech and Digital Business Models, New Startups and Venture Capital; International Teamwork.

NameDr. René Schellenberger


With the company since2021

What I like about working at MagilityI am passionate about new technologies and transformation, and I can implement this together with clients in various fields.

NameHelmut Benker


With the company since2019

What I like about working at MagilityThat you can develop freely here and take responsibility for many things.

NameNada Lea Welker


With the company since2018

What I like about working at MagilityOur team is just as diverse as our topics. For me, it’s a working environment to grow in!


Careers at Magility GmbH

We have short communication channels and give our employees ample room for their own ideas, allowing them to contribute their unique skills, unfold individually, and take responsibility for their respective topics or business areas. We work at the cutting edge with high-performance standards. What matters at magility are the individual personalities with their unique potentials and experiences. We place great value on a trusting collaboration, the ability to align with individual customer needs, and foster open, friendly, and honest communication in all directions.

Careers at Magility

Your start with Magility GmbH

Magility GmbH offers various entry opportunities, depending on your qualifications. Due to our challenging topics and international network, there are exceptional opportunities for career progression at all levels, leading up to partnership status.

Depending on your entry level and the pace of your professional development, your path at Magility can be tailored to your individual strengths in strategy consulting and sales, aligned with our career levels:

Entry into strategy consulting

As a strategy consultant, you will support our clients in challenging transformation projects and successfully implement measures based on a thoughtful strategy.

Start as a tech consultant

Artificial intelligence, digital health, or other high-tech topics are your areas of expertise? At Magility, as a tech consultant, you can apply your expertise in our strategy consulting services because strategy and tech go hand in hand with us.

Start in sales

As a sales manager, you will effectively utilize your sales and negotiation skills for the benefit of our clients. If your passion lies in the latest technologies and innovations, we should get to know each other!

Entry as an Expert or Senior Expert

Are you an expert or senior expert in a specific industry or field? At Magility, you can join as an Advisor or Senior Advisor, either as an employee or as a freelance partner.

Entry in the Magility Backoffice Team

Are organization and administration your strengths? Then join us in controlling, HR, IT, or the back office.

Entry in Marketing

Would you prefer to work creatively, shape our external presence, write high-quality technical texts and blog articles, or plan and organize trade shows and events? Our dedicated team awaits you in the fields of marketing, communications, and event management!

Why join us? Magility GmbH
Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer & Mentoring

The exchange between employees, subject matter experts, and management is highly valued at our company. The management team is accessible to every team member, and personal knowledge transfer through our experts is ensured. Additionally, every employee has access to the company’s internal knowledge library and current professional magazines.


Magility Institute of Technology (MIT)

Through the MIT, our employees are provided with individual goal agreements for further education based on their expertise and knowledge level. Participation in workshops for personal health prevention is also available through the MIT. By leveraging our business intelligence projects and technology studies conducted by the MIT, you benefit from continuous learning and knowledge enhancement on the job.


International Network

At Magility, you have direct contact opportunities with board members, executives, members of universities and research institutes, political decision-makers, and subject matter experts. This allows your personal and professional C-level network to expand rapidly within a short period of time.


Proactivity pays off

Through our network, you have the opportunity to not only attend international trade fairs and conferences but also speak as a presenter. You can also contribute as an author or co-author of professional articles, making your expertise visible in the market.


Modern workplace

Each employee is equipped with an Apple laptop and an iPhone. Parking spaces and bicycle racks are available right in front of the building. Various cold beverages, coffee, and tea are provided free of charge during working hours. With its ideal location between the city center and recreational areas, you can customize your break according to your preferences.

Additional Benefits

are individually negotiable based on level and personal preferences.


Magility Cyber Security

Who we are: Magility Cyber Security GmbH

In 2022, we spun off our Automotive Cyber Security services and launched Magility Cyber Security GmbH (MCS). With this move, we have given the important field of Cyber Security its own dedicated space. MCS benefits from the extensive Cyber Security knowledge and network built by Magility GmbH and serves as a competent partner for the comprehensive implementation of compliant Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS) and Software Update Management Systems (SUMS). Our CSMS provides organizational and procedural support for the implementation of technical Cyber Security solutions, serving as a holistic system function throughout the entire lifecycle of organizations and products. Through close collaboration with ecosystem partners such as Magility GmbH and technology partners like Argus Cyber Security, MCS offers its customers a comprehensive Cyber Security offering covering the entire product lifecycle for complete vehicles, end-to-end, and across the entire software supply chain.

At MCS, we accompany companies throughout the entire software product lifecycle for the complete vehicle, starting from the product development process, and then implement a tailored CSMS and SUMS specific to each customer’s organization. Additionally, we provide support for the Information Security Assessment for the Automotive Industry (TISAX), ranging from establishing the TISAX organization to preparing for TISAX audits. This comprehensive offering sets us apart from other current market offerings, positioning us as a one-stop-shop for Automotive Cyber Security.

MCS aligns itself with the core values of magility.

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Get to know us

Our leadership team

Our team of experienced management consultants and cyber security professionals is in the process of being established, providing diverse opportunities to actively shape its growth.

Our technological expertise and visionary mindset not only help organisations meet regulatory requirements. With maximum efficiency and a forward-looking approach, we dive deep into our clients’ lives and ensure a seamless integration of cyber security into their strategy and organisation.

NameDino Munk

PositionManaging partner/ CEO

With the company since2022

What I like about working at MCSI want to actively shape cyber security for our clients in various industries with a highly experienced and young team, bringing together people, expertise, and dedication.

NameDr. Michael W. Müller

PositionManaging partner

With the company since2022

What I like about working at MCSInternational teamwork, future topic cyber security, the opportunity to help shape things from the start.


Careers at Magility Cyber Security GmbH

The MCS combines startup spirit with extensive entrepreneurial experience. As a young company with experienced leadership, our employees have creative freedom in shaping their work. At the same time, cyber security is a highly complex and cutting-edge topic that requires specific expertise, strong technology affinity, and exceptional performance. We prioritize open communication at all levels, individual development and harnessing of strengths and talents, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions – these are core values at MCS!

Careers at Magility Cyber Security GmbH

Your start with Magility Cyber Security GmbH

MCS offers:

  • Various entry and career opportunities as a Cyber Security Consultant, Technical Cyber Security Expert for TISAX or ISO 21434, or in our back office.
  • Challenging consulting projects with a focus on Automotive Cyber Security, CSMS, and SUMS.


Your development at MCS is individual, depending on your prior knowledge and expertise. However, we generally follow the following career levels:

Why join us? MCS
Profit Sharing

MCS enables its employees to have a variable compensation component in the form of profit sharing and goal setting, as we believe that together, we can achieve company objectives faster and stay motivated.

Qualification on-and-along-the-job

We believe that the best learning happens in practice. Therefore, interdisciplinary knowledge transfer is encouraged at MCS through collaboration with colleagues, our academy, and external resources.


Whether it’s a company car or a mobility allowance, you can choose the preferred mode of transportation from point A to B. We offer participation in a company car program and support individual mobility through public transportation tickets or a monthly allowance.

Health Contribution

We value the health of our employees, which is why we cover the membership fee for our corporate fitness program.

Flexible Vacation Policy and Remote Work

As part of your work-life balance, we offer a flexible vacation policy of up to 40 days per year, which can be adjusted to your needs. Additionally, you have the opportunity to work on customer projects both on-site and remotely from home.

Employee Savings Plans and Accident Insurance

We provide options for complementing your personal financial planning.

People @ magility

Teambuilding at magility

In our teams, we come together to celebrate special occasions and stay connected through lively exchanges. Whether it’s a city tour, circus event, summer party, or cozy meal, team building is not neglected because we value strong team cohesion.

Magility Offices

Offices Wendlingen am Neckar

The MCS is located in the protected listed buildings area of the Neckarspinnerei in Wendlingen am Neckar, nestled in the riverside landscape of the Neckar River. The building, dating back to the turn of the century, is currently undergoing an elaborate real estate development with international involvement to transform it into a forward-looking sustainable neighborhood. It also houses a startup campus. We are one of the companies that have been part of this rapidly growing startup community from the very beginning.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Magility GmbH also moved out of the the villa in Kirchheim and relocated to Wendlingen am Neckar, in the protected Neckarspinnerei area, where we now occupy our new premises. The elaborate real estate development, guided by international expertise, aims not only to shine at the IBA 2017. Our offices are situated on the second floor of the so-called Pentagon in the NQ, offering a direct view of the Neckar. During lunch breaks, we can all walk along the Neckar and explore the continually evolving NQ district.



Not found a suitable position? We also look forward to receiving your unsolicited application to


FAQ about applying to magility

Is the advertised position still available?

Yes, all positions advertised on our career page and marked as open are still vacant. We look forward to receiving your application!

Is there a deadline for applications?

No, you can apply as long as the position is marked as open. Once we stop accepting applications, it will be clearly indicated in the job posting.

I couldn't find a suitable position. What can I do?

We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications that fit our company profile! Please send them to

How can I apply to Magility?

The easiest way is to apply directly through the online form on the respective job page. We kindly request that you refrain from sending applications by mail.

How does the application process work?

After submitting your online application to us, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. We will then carefully review your application. If it convinces us, we will invite you to an initial interview via phone or video conference. This will be followed by a personal interview with the supervisor and management. In another interview, you will have the opportunity to meet team members from Magility to get a sense of our team. After a mutually agreed-upon consideration period, a decision meeting will take place.

Which documents do I need to submit?

We kindly ask you to upload your cover letter, resume, and relevant certificates as PDF files. Please note that the file size of your application documents should not exceed 128 MB.

How soon can I expect a response?

We work with a results-oriented approach and aim to provide timely feedback on your application after receiving it.

Why do I see job offers from Magility GmbH and Magility Cyber Security (MCS) GmbH?

The cyber security activities of Magility GmbH were spun off into MCS in 2022. As partner companies, we consolidate our activities where it fits and also refer suitable applicants within our companies.

Who is my contact person during the application process?

For questions regarding specific positions, please contact the person mentioned in the job advertisement. For anything else, feel free to contact our magility back office at or +49 7021-8668990.

What happens to my data and how long will it be stored?

The transmission of your online application is encrypted according to the currently recognized state of the art. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or external entities. The data will be deleted as soon as the purpose of storage is no longer necessary. Storage may also occur if required by European or national legislation in Union law regulations, laws, or other provisions to which the data controller is subject. Blocking or deletion of data will also occur if a storage period prescribed by the aforementioned legal norms expires unless further storage is necessary for the conclusion or fulfillment of a contract. For all details regarding our data protection, please refer to our privacy statement.