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Internet of Things

Are you ready to rethink your industry?

In the age of IoT, connectivity has become a fundamental requirement in all business aspects. Development cycles in the IoT world are extremely short, causing process cycles to be subject to constant transformation in order to cope with the rapid changes in the industry. These changes lead to the emergence of multiple networks of real time applications with their very own life cycles based on technologies like sensors, connectivity, 5G, high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence or neuronal networks. Hence Cyber Security becomes the critical success factor. So go ahead and use your chance by starting to think innovative and benefit from the digital change!

The immense progress of IoT is leading to the convergence of entire industries and new challenging system-wide functions such as Cyber Security. Holistic vehicle fleet management and other platform-controlled mobility solutions are replacing the singular vehicle approach in the automotive sector. Companies find themselves in an area of conflict of highly dynamic markets with constantly changing framework conditions. With a multi-layered network behind us, we develop tailor-made strategies for the sustainable success of our customers - prospective, innovative and international
Dr. Michael W. Müller Managing director, CEO
High Tech

We lead the way into the digital future

As a client of magility you benefit from decades of battle tested experience of our consultants and our keen sense of megatrends and innovations. Digitization has enabled faster innovation cycles, making international networks, especially to high tech startups, an absolute must-have for your business operations.
We at magility have established a constantly growing network to important players in the key industries automotive & mobility, engineering & Industry 4.0, construction & smart cities, digital health, energy management, international high tech startups, universities and scientific institutes.

A network consisting of various complementary competencies that transcends the traditional corporate boundaries and is thus able to create fast process and innovation cycles – this is what a future-proof company looks like!
Nada Lea Welker Manager Marketing and Communication, CMO

Corporate Environmental
& Smart Energy

“Climate action failure” will be one of the biggest risk factors for companies in the future. The challenges of climate change are increasingly being reflected in the political framework. As a consequence companies have responsibility to play an active role in shaping the energy transition and achieving climate targets. In the further development of business models in this challenging environment, we at magility therefore offer technical and organizational solutions that address the major issues of the day and at the same time focus on the individual characteristics for our customers. For us, Corporate Environmental Responsibility means aligning the business model in such a way that long-term, sustainable values and the premises for business success are integrated equally. Out of various topics the particular focus of magility is on connectivity and smart energy.

Cyber Security News

CSMS - Cyber Security Management System: New Regulations

A holistic Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) is becoming mandatory for all vehicles manufacturers. In the automotive industry, we are currently seeing that Cyber Security is already a critical success factor. In the future, the type approval of vehicles will only be possible if a certified CSMS is available and Cyber Security is ensured throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle. UNECE WP.29, an upcoming UN regulation on Cyber Security and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard are expected to make this mandatory from mid 2024.

Not only in the automotive industry, but also in other industries which products are linked to IoT, such as the building industry, a CSMS will be the decisive success factor. For these industries as well regulations can be expected in the future.

We at magility are familiar with all developments in these areas since years. Our partner company Magility Cyber Security GmbH (MCS) acts as a system integrator for a holistic cyber security strategy in the German and European market and is optimally positioned thanks to its cyber security experts.

Examples from our current client portfolio


ClientEngineering Service Provider

ObjectiveDiversification Strategy

ResultsGoal definition, strategy development, action plan for the implementation  of a new business unit

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ObjectiveTechnology and Digitization Strategy

ResultsDevelopment of a new business unit, Cyber Security Management System

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IndustryMechanical Engineering

ClientEngineering Service Provider (EDL)

ObjectiveMarket and Propulsion Technology Strategy

ResultsRecommendation for strategic approach for the development of a new business unit

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ObjectiveTechnology for Hydrogen Potential

ResultsProcessing and evaluation of alternative renewable fuels

Comparative cost calculation

Planning, preparation and conduction of a testing area and suggestions for further actions

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ClientAutomotive Supplier

ObjectiveOrganizational development for innovation, research and development

ResultsAgile process and organizational structure

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ClientEducational Institution

ObjectiveQualification within the area of electrics and electronics


Development of concepts and inputs for qualification for technologies in electrics and electronics

Development of direct client competences

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ObjectiveCyber Security

ResultsDevelopment of a curriculum for Cyber Security in the IoT for an e-learning platform

Cyber Security Management System (CSMS)



ObjectiveMarket entry strategy


Development of profound customer contacts and brokering PoC’s

Initiation and arranging of meetings with potential exit partners

M&A support

Support during the post-merger integration process

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IndustryMechanical Engineering

ClientTier 1 Supplier

ObjectiveImplementation of agile development processes


Test run for shorter time-to-market through product development process with agile methods

Organizational knowledge development for agile work processes

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ObjectiveGrowth strategy for diversification to other industries

ResultsDrafting a strategic long-term development plan for the development of new industries

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IndustryMechanical Engineering


ObjectiveGrowth strategy and transformation for company development


Reorganization of the current business, including adaptation of all digital systems

Further development of the product and service portfolio

Implementation of new maintenance processes

Development of digital business models with big data applications

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