Our Team

Visionary strategists and pragmatic creators

We are a diverse team of various consultants with profound expertise in the automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and construction and building industries. As persistent project leaders and creative pathfinders we are working in a structured and reasonable fashion to generate solutions for current challenges. We are always connected and we transfer our knowledge and competence to our clients. In doing so, we support our customers in transforming their visions into missions and implement the right actions to achieve their strategic goals. Always with an eye on the market, we are a highly dynamic team with a trusted network of partners to master the digital challenges of the future together with our clients!

Dr. Michael W. Müller
Managing director, CEO
Dr. Michael Müller is the CEO and founder of magility. He can look back at over 30 years of experience in the automotive and mobility industry. Dr. Müller specializes in the design of digital and international business models and their operative implementation. He cultivates a wide network in the automotive industry and is constantly in dialogue with international innovation leaders and governmental authorities. As an expert and initiator on the fields of technical innovations, digital business models, Cyber Security and smart mobility he is often invited to give lectures to variance audiences.
Dr. Rene Schellenberger
Dr. René Schellenberger
Managing Director, COO
Dr. René Schellenberger is Managing Director and COO of Magility GmbH. He has over 20 years of experience in senior management positions in the automotive and supplier industries and their value chains. His professional focus is on innovation and digitalization in international competition. As our COO, he also takes our customers' projects from strategy to operational implementation to the finish line. He is a generalist with a trained eye for customer-relevant functional and service requirements, quality, deadlines and costs. As an entrepreneur, he thinks and acts analytically and with foresight, while also possessing a proven hands-on mentality.
Nada Lea Welker
Manager Marketing and Communication, CMO
Nada Lea Welker is responsible for our entire marketing and PR-activities and is leading our company communication into the right direction. She defines our corporate identity and sets the priorities of our public image activities. She completes her mastership in marketing and communication by many years of experience in event and project management as well as in coaching. She has a focus on Cyber Security, IoT, neuro-marketing and neo-ecology that enables her to constantly yield the hottest topics. Due to her wide profile of competencies she is also an estimated consultant who is able to develop strategies and at the same time implement them by realizing.
magility CFO
Helmut Benker
Commercial Manager, CFO
Helmut Benker possesses a long and profound experience as CFO and CEO and has the responsibility for all our commercial activities. He constantly has his eye on all financial matters and his precise analytical abilities create the trusted base of our company. Using his pronounced affinity towards legal matters, he is also responsible for all contract related matters, while also being a double-certified data protection officer (DEKRA, IHK). As a highly accomplished communicator he masters every tone, from diplomatic to direct.
Jürgen Schenk
Jürgen Schenk
Senior Executive Advisor
Jürgen Schenk has over 40 years of experience in leading management positions in the automotive industry and with suppliers and partners. He is a top expert in the environment of electronic system development and its industrialization, electric vehicle and powertrain development as well as in the evaluation and design of complex systems. He has profound knowledge in project management, quality management, process analysis and strategy and business development, VUCA leadership and dynamic future forecasts for technology developments complete his portfolio. His focus at Magility is on electric vehicle and powertrain development for various mobility applications as well as dynamic forecasting and assessment of current and future energy systems.
Vanessa Boschen
Sales and Team Assistant
Vanessa Boschen has been with magility from day one and has a background in economics. She is the beating heart of the company and responsible for the operative organization in the office. She coordinates everything from schedules to travels, has the backoffic under control and excels at presenting magility from its best side. She always has a friendly ear for our clients and constantly keeps her cool, no matter the situation.
Carsten Nitzpon
Senior Project Manager
Carsten Nitzpon possesses profound expertise in the development of business strategies. He is a certified SCRUM Master and has a vast experience with agile methods. He feels at home in the Mittelstand and in big corporations, especially in the areas of software, telecommunication, medical, hightech, HR and all hydrogen related applications.
magility Consultant Hanna Kahindi
Hanna Kahindi
Hanna Kahindi is an expert in intercultural communication, digital mindset and change communication with a knack for rhetorical ability. She concerns herself with our internal processes and is currently involved with Cyber Security strategy projects. Hanna has a strong marketing and communication background and can show a long experience in those fields.
Silvia Frank
Silvia Frank has a broad international business and marketing background and has had various positions in advertising, project management and customer advisory. She is active in the mobility and industrial IoT (IIoT) sector and has a strong B2B customer orientation. Currently she has various startup clients under her wings and helps them with their market entry in Europe.
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What truly counts at magility are the respective personalities and their potentials and experiences, so that space is created for them to contribute their own abilities, to develop individually, to take on responsibility and to grow beyond themselves. Curious? Simply send us your application by e-mail!
magility CFO
Entrepreneurship, to me, is to question your own status quo every single day. We at magility are constantly concerning ourselves with the latest megatrends and support you with our entrepreneurial spirit on your way to sustainable innovation and future business models.
Helmut Benker CFO magility
magility core industries
Automotive and Mobility

The automotive industry is an important growth engine with technologically mature products.

However, currently there is a fundamental change taking place within the industry. Digital business models are finding their way into the classic vehicle business. The single vehicle approach is gradually being replaced by fleet management and platform service solutions. Technological development is being shaped by new drive systems ranging from electric mobility to hydrogen. At the same time, growing connectivity is dramatically increasing the importance of Cyber Security and market participants from other industries and sectors are pushing into the market. We at magility are actively shaping digital change and meeting the challenges of the industry with reliable and innovative strategies. We also support your company in the implementation of a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) that complies with all UNECE WP.29 specifications and is oriented towards the upcoming ISO standards ISO/SAE 21434 and ISO/AWI 24089.

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Machinery Industry 4.0

Mechanical engineering continues to be a strong pillar of the German economy. The current turnaround in Industry 4.0 combines traditional mechanical engineering with modern information technology

Cyber-physical systems enable an even higher degree of automation and artificial intelligence and networking create new possibilities for preventive maintenance of machines and quality assurance of products. magility supports the discovery and implementation of these possibilities so that machine manufacturers remain competitive and Industry 4.0 is perceived not as a danger but as an opportunity.

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Smart Cities and Buildings

The building and housing industry has immense growth potential in the course of increasing digitalization and connectivity.

Technical innovations concerning the data-driven, networked and digital living of the future offer potential for new business models, products and services. In the Smart Cities and Smart Homes of the future, sensor technology, AI, autonomous systems and big data platforms will play a formative role. Fully or partially autonomous vehicles are already well advanced today and are being networked with the infrastructure of the modern city. The Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Living Beings, is also becoming increasingly important. A growing number of modern and future-oriented mobility concepts such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are changing urban planning. Further technological innovations, megatrends and other factors such as the new mobile phone standard 5G, New Work, Building on Sustainability, Neo-Ecology, Silver Society, Digital Living, the “Female Shift” and, last but not least, new cyber security requirements bring further challenges for the construction and housing industry.

We combine the trends of the construction and housing industry with those in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors to create synergies and support our customers with market knowledge and sustainable strategies in the future-oriented expansion of their business areas. We are also happy to assist you in the implementation of a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities that is tailored to your needs.

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We are also active as consultants in the sectors of the health industry, aerospace and others. We would be happy to adapt our offer to your industry and bring in our High-Tech and Cyber Security expertise.

Smart Cities, Digital Health, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Digital Workplace, Bitcoin, Libra, ERP, Fuel Cells, Refuels, Biohacking, Smart Drugs, Nutrigenomics, Ride Hailing, Neural Networks, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI’s), Wearables, Neo-Ecology – these are not just buzzwords for us! These are thrilling topics with a lot of potential for shaping the future of modern companies.

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Our partnerships

Our organization – international, digital and innovativ

magility is present in the most important growth regions worldwide through a broad network of experts. This enables us to take up changing conditions at an early stage with the appropriate technical competence and to deliver integrated work packages in projects from one source.

In line with the digital mindset, networking is our self-image. We work on an interdisciplinary and international basis. This makes us fast, always up-to-date and enables us to detect mega trends for our customers at an early stage.

Partnership with companies

Through an international network of partners, with a focus on technology, consulting and industrial companies, magility tracks down high-tech innovations worldwide at an early stage.

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Membership in associations & organizations

magility actively networks with selected associations and organisations. The aim is to exchange information on new trends and innovations and to help shape new framework conditions and standards in our customers’ target markets.

  • IHK– Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • DFJV – German Trade Journalists Association
  • VDI – Association of German Engineers
  • ACS – Alliance for Cyber Security – BSI
  • BDS – Association of the self-employed Kirchheim

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Connection to universities and institutes

The exchange with universities and institutes is also an important factor for magility.

  • SRH mobile university
  • TAE – Technische Akademie Esslingen
  • Fraunhofer Institut ipa

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Hydrogen is one of the most important and exciting ways to shape the exit from fossil energy. Today's hydrogen technologies have been tested and are in the starting blocks for commercial use in the areas of mobility, real estate and decentralized energy economy.
Carsten Nitzpon Senior Project Manager
Local engagement

Platform for hydrogen in medium-sized companies (WIM)

Hydrogen is a real all-rounder and can be used for energy storage, for decentralized electricity production, in combustion engines or in combined heat and power generation. It can be produced using regenerative energy technology and its combustion produces water again – in addition to small amounts of nitrogen oxides. Thus it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. In the Network “Wasserstoff im Mittelstand” in Medium-Sized Enterprises (WiM), we present hydrogen-related applications, highlight business models and opportunities, and discuss these together with stakeholders from industry, science and politics. With a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, regionally relevant and with practical assistance and experience from the field. Become part of our network and register here for detailed information.

Career at magility

Be magility! Be a magnificent, agile, global, innovative, loyal, international, teamoriented YOU!

We think and work in an agile way: we have short communication channels and a great deal of creative freedom for your own ideas. We work at the pulse of time and have high performance standards for our customers. What counts at magility are the respective personalities and their potentials and experiences, so that space is created to bring in one's own abilities, to develop individually, to take responsibility and to grow beyond oneself. We attach great importance to trustful cooperation and open and honest communication. That makes you curious? Then become part of our dynamic team and send us your application!