Technology & Innovation Consulting

Today, technology monitoring is a decisive key competence for successful and forward-looking entrepreneurship. Through the systematically planned selection and implementation of innovation processes or cooperation with high tech start-ups, you can set your company apart from the competition and become a driver for growth and efficiency.

Our magility technology experts and consultants accompany you from the identification and evaluation of market potentials to analytical technology assessments, also in the form of technology studies, to the implementation or further development of the technology and innovation management of your company.

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Strategy Consulting for new Business Models

The future is digital! Today companies across all industries must position themselves digitally so that they can remain competitive in the future. To help companies to successfully master the digital transformation, we have complemented our classic strategy consulting approach with the integration of digital and innovative business models.

magility analyzes your company’s value creation model and crystallizes the building blocks for your future analog and digital business models. By analyzing the new target markets we make sure your company is set up efficiently for future success.

Furthermore, magility has comprehensive market knowledge and an international, robust network in key industries such as automotive & mobility, mechanical engineering, digital health, smart city, and the energy sector. The evaluation and generation of qualified leads in these industries are key competencies through which our magility experts support both startups and established technology providers in achieving successful market entry in their target markets.

We accompany startups throughout their entire lifecycle. With our solid experience in growing companies, we help avoid obstacles and facilitate market entry.

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ESG Management & Sustainable Mobility

Sustainability is nowadays one of the most important attributes of successful business leadership. In the future, a good ESG rating will be a significant factor for success for companies in all industries, and sustainable mobility will become a megatrend due to the new EU goals. We identify ESG trends and decarbonization trends, analyze their impact on companies, and derive strategies, goal definitions, and transformation processes from them.


Our consultants not only implement these transformation processes together with you in your company, but also create or modify business models with a focus on sustainability, always keeping in mind innovative products and services.

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Individual B2B studies in market, industry, trend and technology

Especially in the highly dynamic mobility market, an assessment of the future, taking into account the dynamics of change in the global market, is more relevant than ever. In this manner only you can integrate the right future-oriented technologies into the company’s product range at the right time and secure long-term competitive advantages.  Based on your customer-specific current situation and the market-specific needs of your company, the magility experts develop recommendations for the further development of your product portfolio. By monitoring and benchmarking the market environment as well as the drivers of new technologies from our network, your company gains a valuable overview as a basis for decision-making with regard to your further business strategy. Amongst others, we evaluate opportunities for the in-house development of innovations and technology, acquisitions or partnerships with new market participants and make appropriate recommendations for action. Before making a major investment in a future technology or expanding your business areas, make sure that you have the right timing and that it is the right decision for your organization!

Secure the sustainable growth of your company with a market, trend, innovation or technology study from magility!

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Studien Gesamtübersicht

Selected research

Automotive End-to-End Systems

Observation of the entire mobility ecosystem with a focus on cyber security, including recommendations for actions for the customer

Aerospace Market Study

Global market volume study of the aerospace branch (airports, travel operations, airplane manufacturers, space)

Energy Storage and Battery Management

Overview of market and technology development for battery technology, inverters and electric drive for vehicles

Aerospace Turboprop Propulsion

Evaluation of in-house production and subsequent sales operations of a turboprop turbine


Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS)

No technology is ever untouchable. In a data-driven society, innovation can only be achieved through intelligent networking and wherever mobility data is generated and devices are connected, security gaps arise and the business risk subsequently increases. Connectivity and networks have caused boundaries to be blurred, leading to a new entire ecosystem, including products, services, organizations, suppliers and IT systems, which requires full end-to-end protection

To give the all-important topic of cyber security its own space, we spun off our cyber security services into Magility Cyber Security GmbH (MCS) in 2022. MCS advises companies on the implementation of a holistic cyber security strategy. The expert consultants of MCS develop a CSMS adapted to the rules of the UNECE along the entire value chain. This allows you to dedicate yourself to the expansion of your new business fields and to positively receive innovative technologies.

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The most important Cyber Security areas


Strategy and Innovation Consulting for New Business Models

The digital change is not just around the corner – it is in full swing. This is particularly evident by the numerous disruptive high tech innovations that are forcing their way into the markets, making consumers more and more demanding and changing the accustomed value creation structures. The progress of the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to the convergence of the most diverse market participants and generates an even greater flood of information and new areas of attack through increasing connectivity.

Change your company perspective

  • from being driven by innovation pressure, to becoming an active high tech designer
  • from fearing the future, towards digital competence, which turns employees into technology-oriented co-designers, who also see tech innovations as enablers and drivers for their personal success
  • moving away from paralyzing routine to flexible and agile adaptation to constantly changing market conditions, through the (further) development of digital business models and a dynamic product and service portfolio that matches the market.

magility is happy to be your companion to ensure the success of your company in the future. Together, we develop strategies that suit your company and accompany you on the path of transformation into the digital high tech age. Your products and services need access to the market – we have the skills, the right network and sound, long-term expertise. We strengthen your ecosystem and analyze your company’s innovation and growth capabilities. We optimize processes as well as the product or service portfolio and accompany your company beyond strategy development to the implementation of your digital vision. Our consultants contribute innovative ideas for the further development of your business model and, if required, connect you with the right players for your target markets.

magility supports you either with a holistic end-to-end strategy, but can also take over parts of consultancy projects, such as:

  • Consulting for process optimization
  • Consulting for business model optimization
  • Consulting for development of new business areas
  • Consulting for the introduction of new products and services into new or existing markets
  • Consulting for organizational development
  • Consulting for acquisition of companies and startups
  • Innovation consulting for business models, products, services and processes

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Consulting for Market Entry and Startup Support

Growing companies need substantial financial and human resources to be able to enter a new market. They often lack orientation and access to the right decision makers at target customers as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the market and its workings.

Companies with the goal of entering the European market need extensive orientation with regard to regulations, certifications, confidence building, contact initiation and culture.

Our market entry support includes:

  • Pre-sales activities such as market analyses
  • The development and establishment of strategic partnerships
  • Competitive analyses
  • Market observation and extends to selecting and approaching potential customers with the aim of implementing PoCs
  • Establish strategic partnerships

We provide holistic support in planning the strategic market development and in managing the resulting projects. In doing so, we always have an eye on the challenges that our growing clients face in individual phases of their business. We accompany companies from the start-up phase, through the growth phase and financing rounds, to the exit and post-merger integration. magility Market Development creates long-term value for the client’s organization as well as for their markets and relationships. We support the implementation of long-term value creation activities by providing strategic consulting, technology studies, market development and market entry as well as project management for our clients and tailoring this to their specific needs.

Business models must have a suitable market fit, which is why we advise our customers on how they can align their business model to the specific conditions of the market in order to have the best possible chances of success upon entering the target market. For a successful market entry, companies need the right communicative positioning, which we develop as strategic marketing partners and operational implementers in close cooperation with our clients.

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