Dr. Michael Müller, CEO of Magility GmbH, had the privilege of attending the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) season finale at Hockenheimring, a remarkable motorsport event that attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators. On the initial day of racing, the stands were already teaming with eager spectators, and even more fans gathered for the second race eager to witness the championship title showdown. Enthusiasts were captivated by the electrifying races and fierce duels among the drivers.

DTM Finale – Networking with a fun factor 

Our CEO, Dr. Michael Müller, joined the enthusiastic crowd and had the chance to meet many familiar faces from the automotive industry, leading to engaging discussions. This year, the DTM finale featured 20 drivers from six different teams. Alongside established automotive giants such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-AMG, Porsche was proudly represented by two of its teams. The well-matched quality of the driver lineups resulted in numerous exhilarating clashes and thrilling race moments on the track.

Thomas Preining wins the race

Porsche driver Thomas Preining emerged triumphant, securing the coveted title of DTM champion. This victory is truly historic, as Preining has become the first Austrian driver to clinch the DTM championship. The DTM finale at Hockenheimring marked the culmination of the 2023 season and was broadcast live on ProSieben, emphasizing the growing significance and popularity of the DTM series in the world of motorsport.

Magility anticipates the thrills of the next race!

Overall, the DTM finale at Hockenheimring was a thrilling event that vividly showcased the essence of touring car racing. The exceptional atmosphere and participation of high-profile contenders made the races an extraordinary experience. At Magility, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of the DTM in the forthcoming season and hope for more thrilling races and captivating stories in the world of touring car racing.

High-Tech Innovations from Motorsport

Dr. Michael Müller’s recent presence at the DTM race held at Hockenheimring has motivated us to delve deeper into the realm of motorsport as a catalyst for high-tech innovations. Our latest blog article encapsulates the insights we’ve gathered on this subject.