Quotas for zero-emission vehicles must be met

magility participated in the KST’s Hydrogen Competence Day. How can hydrogen sustainably change our mobility? Competent speakers from the field of drive development for fuel cells and hydrogen engines, together with the Minister of Economics of Rheinland-Pfalz  Mrs. Daniela Schmitt, as well as other regional politicians, talked about the latest developments around hydrogen mobility of the future at the Hydrogen Competence Day of KST. Interesting discussions on hydrogen as a vehicle drive followed.

One solution is the hydrogen engine

Hydrogen has long been a hotly debated topic as an alternative drive for vehicles. If the hydrogen still comes from regenerative energy, the given quotas of the emission standard for vehicles come completely near! The EU Commission has set itself the goal of only allowing new cars that no longer emit carbon dioxide by 2035. By 2030, vehicle manufacturers are to reduce the CO2 emissions of their vehicles by 55 percent relative to the European fleet average. In addition, conventional fuels are to become more expensive and thus less attractive in the future due to a CO2 price surcharge. By the year 2050 the heavy-duty vehicles should also be on our roads emission-free.

Hydrogen engines are not yet emission-free, but that will soon change!  KST operates a test facility with 85 modern test benches for engines of passenger cars, commercial vehicles  and large engines and for the development and testing of automotive powertrains. Dynamic e-drive test benches are available for alternative drive systems. Hydrogen mobility will come faster than expected at KST in Bad Dürkheim. In Bad Dürkheim, even the public buses will soon be powered by hydrogen. The fuel of the future could even soon be produced in Bad Dürkheim, and hydrogen trucks could soon become superheroes.

One thing is clear: Green hydrogen will change the mobility of the future!

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