We are excited about the ongoing success of the Israeli startup VHOLA, which is part of our magility startup network. Peter Mertens, the former long-term Chief Development Officer at Volvo Cars as well as Audi, has invested in VHOLA and is now member of the supervisory board.

VHOLA develops solutions for measuring, reducing and monitoring EMR (electro magnetic radiation) in electric and hybrid vehicles. The advancing electrification of vehicles also increases the potential health risks. VHOLA’s technology is designed to solve this problem. We recently reported on this in our magility blog. The total addressable market for VHOLA is estimated at USD 5 billion by 2025. The core technology of VHOLA is patent pending.

We especially congratulate Asaf Tsin, VHOLA’s founder and CEO to this success. VHOLA will continue to write success stories with Peter Mertens with his experience as Chief Development Officer of various OEMs. We at magility are pleased to be part of this development.