Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

The Cognata platform uses Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to create a realistic automotive simulation environment. In this simulation environment, virtual cars are driving on virtual roads in virtual cities – all with remarkable accuracy for real-world conditions and an AI-based traffic model.

Best-of-breed offering for agriculture

Cognata and sensing platform developer LeddarTech have planned to combine Cognata’s simulation authoring software with LeddarTech’s LeddarVision sensor fusion and perception technology to accelerate testing and validation of self-driving agricultural vehicles.

Cognata and LeddarTech

With this combined solution, training and validation of ADAS and AV performance of autonomous farm machinery becomes more realistic. Data from high-precision sensor simulations, the novel AI-driven traffic agents based on real-world behavior, and highly realistic virtual worlds are brought together on a cloud-based platform.

This combination of the two market-leading solutions into a unique best-of-breed offering will take the use of ADAS and AV technology in agriculture to the next level!

magility is excited!