We at magility would like to draw your attention to the very informative technical article “Eingereiht” by Dr. Julian Feinauer from our partner network, which was published in the current trade magazine of the computer journal IX.  In the expert article, Dr. Julian Feinauer explains the functionality of IoTDB (Database for Internet of Things), a particularly memory-efficient and powerful time series database for IoT projects. 

Apache IoTDB (Database for Internet of Things) is a native IoT database with high performance for data management and analysis that can be deployed both in the edge environment and in the cloud. Due to its lightweight architecture, high performance, and large feature set, as well as deep integration with Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Flink, Apache IoTDB can meet the massive needs of data storage, high-speed data ingestion and complex data analytics of IoT industries.

Dr. Julian Feinauer is the founder and CEO of pragmatic industries GmbH from the “high-teck” town of Kirchheim unter Teck. pragmatic industries is a young tech company that specializes in analyzing and preparing data from industrial processes and works primarily with medium-sized companies in the mechanical engineering sector.

He is also an active member of the open source community and involved in the development of Apache IoTDB.