Sustainability and social balance are part of our management philosophy. As well as the focused achievement of set financial objectives, to us entrepreneurship also means the fulfillment of social responsibility. For this reason, magility regularly supports charitable social or cultural projects – financially or with expertise.

We are currently associated with the Stella Maris Foundation, which studies which intellectual, artistic, political, religious and financial requirements have been produced by the major spirits of optimism of European culture.

The place of inspiration and establishment of the foundation is the French city of Chartres. Since 1006 AD, a consolidation of knowledge and wisdom that was unknown up until that point has taken place in the curriculum of the seven liberal arts in Chartres.

Evidence of this is the ‘Notre-Dame-de-Chartres’ cathedral, which is built in Gothic style. Despite its high complexity, its architecture has a regulative, harmonizing impact on many visitors and arouses a longing for a more enlightened use of shape, rhythm, structure and freedom.

You can find out more about the Stella Maris Foundation at www.stellamarisfoundation.com

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