Dr. Michael W. Müller

“As a consultancy we realize that employees are pivotal to making a business successful. That is why we make a point of combining agile corporate development with technological innovations, competence management across the organization and international market development.”

Dr. Michael W. MüllerCEO

Our core competencies at a glance:


  • Experience and expertise: magility can draw on decades of industrial management know-how and expertise. In the mobility industries our intimate knowledge of business sectors and products spans the entire value chain.
  • Focus on people: magility co-involves your employees in project activities and in doing so boosts their creativity and their motivation. This is critical to ensuring your project’s consistent implementation and lasting success.
  • Organization: magility is a learning organization. We are a member of a network comprising international executives and best-in-class experts.
  • Intermeshing science and practice: at magility we actively foster our partnerships with leading universities, colleges of higher education, research institutes and associations.


  • By developing unique development propositions (UDPs) and innovative business models we enable you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Our services ensure the future viability of your organization and hence your company’s sustainable success.
  • We simultaneously improve your business flexibility and your operational excellence.
  • We make your company more attractive, thus maximizing employee loyalty and enhancing your employer appeal to new talent.
  • We improve your individual and organizational efficiency and hone your competences.
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